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    Theory About XP System

    Alright,I think I got the xp system figured out:If you are wondering why your xp seem to be lowered every day,I think they deduct a bit of xp each day (about 10 or 12 % for lv2). But you can easily regain more than what they deducted by doing everything you can get xp from every day (etc commenting four times in the forums.).

    16 january 2021 14:41 1628

    I don't believe there is a daily xp deduction, but in my experience many of my posts have been removed which were adding to the discussion, suggestions, or asking genuine questions. I assume there are people reporting everything and that is the reason. I just wish something could be done about it.

    Edit: And I was banned from commenting a few days ago for seemingly no reason. I don't spam here so it isn't fair.

    16 january 2021 23:06 1628


    People are just assholes

    17 january 2021 00:05 1628

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