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    Your best pets in adopt me roblox and have you ever get scammed?

    My best pets are a frost fury and a Fr turtle :D and yes I've been scammed :( I have been scammed for my Frost Dragon Owl Unicorn and dragon I was so dumb to think that a rainbow wand is worth so much I left and now play after nearly 2 years for proof I even have the 2019xmas tree and in my older account I had a Ice cream which I didn't knew was so rare at that time cuz it was so old xD and I ate it :I

    8 january 2021 16:30 2173

    I haven't played Adopt Me soo i have no pets and i didn't get scammed

    8 january 2021 17:31 2173

    i had a dragon (normal dragon) and i got scammed but its ok because i have another one

    8 january 2021 20:27 2173

    Thats nic and how are you?

    9 january 2021 01:01 2173

    i have dragon and giraff and i never get scammed

    9 january 2021 02:23 2173

    I have a big dragon with big ears, his name is Spuky, my fking dog

    9 january 2021 03:02 2173

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