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    why do you lose XP (i know)

    you guys might lose XP sometimes and it maybe so much that you get frustated. this happens if you spam or someone reports your comment. do if you dont even spam then there is a chance that someone has reported your comment

    7 january 2021 10:59 1628

    bruh- but i did not spam- i just commented ;-;

    8 january 2021 09:10 1628

    yeah same why do they have to report us while we are not spamming

    9 january 2021 13:04 1628

    because they want SG. if you report a spam you get 1 SG so they want SG bro.

    9 january 2021 13:10 1628

    thanks. they really should change the reporting system if thats true then.

    9 january 2021 13:11 1628

    yes they should

    9 january 2021 13:12 1628

    Nah. The report system is really good. If you spam, you deserve to lose your XP.

    9 january 2021 13:55 1628

    yeh you are absolutely right

    9 january 2021 14:34 1628

    OFC we want SG for the reporting dont be cruel. You can level up without spamming in Roblox threads just like me. Just post something interesting. Dont create threads like how to lvl up, i want robux, free robux, free xp etc.

    9 january 2021 15:00 1628

    It's not ok... I think they need decrease EXP when many reports gotten, maybe 5+ something like that

    9 january 2021 16:56 1628

    You have to also have to include the fact that if your comment has a short amount of words in its sentences such as "I love this game" or etc, it is bound to be reported and then you will lose experience points because the short comment may be mistaken to be a spam, so make sure to actually write proper sentences

    9 january 2021 18:01 1628

    Make longer comments that don't repeat the same idea or words, and put everything you want to say in one comment to reduce chances of being marked as spam.

    12 january 2021 21:05 1628

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