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    How to avoid scammers on adopt me.

    Alot of stuff always happen on roblox adopt me. Scammers. Trollers. And others. But with this steps this will help you if you're a newbie or a pro. 1) If you're new, try asking people. Is it worth your pet for others pet? If they say no, then no. 2) (Do not try to trade a Legendary pet for ultra rare. Or bad offers.) 3) this might be alot of stuff happen. If someone say that if you give him a unicorn pet, you will get 2 unicorn pet. Note: this is a scam. Reason? Simple. He can give you a pet since if you have 1 and you got one more for free. So do not fall from these clowns. 4) Please note that scamming people is also a shame action. Don't be like them useless scammers on adopt me.

    27 december 2020 13:22 2173

    Don't trust the "Trust Trades", those are scams. Never do those!

    27 december 2020 13:24 2173

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