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    Reasons why I should play this game

    I've never played, but I know it is super popular. I want you to tell me your top reasons for me to try it

    26 december 2020 02:19 808

    It's a solid game with tight mechanics.
    You can also play casually to get weekly drops and earn some cents on the steam market.

    27 december 2020 11:49 808

    it is a good game with good weapon mechanics and its a good game for esports trainers

    28 december 2020 02:39 808

    this is a good fps shooter
    this game is entirely different and takes time to master
    u can develop many skills which can also be used in other fps shooters

    28 december 2020 15:04 808

    my oinon roblox ist best game

    28 december 2020 15:05 808

    It's impossible to play without Prime - 21st rank or about $10.

    29 december 2020 07:37 808

    You can make RL money for selling skins and you can participate in tournaments and be popular :D

    29 december 2020 11:13 808

    It's a f**king nice game. I think it is one of the best multiplayer shooters. Also by playing and winning stuffs you can sell them on Steam, so...
    It's very nice man!

    29 december 2020 11:33 808

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