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    League of Angels III

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    For 3 tasks

    Register via the "PLAY FOR FREE" button, confirm your account in the email, and then Achieve 15 level of main character and 1 level VIP

    league of angels 3 transfer

    for the ones who dont know what to do with the first quest. reach leevel 30, at that lvl you get transfer! GL

    24 august 2018 16:22 3088

    Thanks for the tip. Because it was going automatically, I couldn't get a screen grab until it was at level 31. Will that be fine? Or is there a better way to go back and get it?

    Update: It got confirmed so I'm taking it was fine. Thanks for the tip as I didn't even know what it meant until reading this!

    27 august 2018 04:47 3088

    no problem

    27 august 2018 11:23 3088

    Pretty weird that they had to make you get the item instead of just making it 'reach level 30'. I guess it was a way to persuade people to keep playing the game.

    30 august 2018 13:37 3088

    i cant get reward from this game the ss doesent work

    30 august 2018 16:08 3088

    yeah probably retropaint.

    30 august 2018 16:18 3088

    the quest beggin at lvl 30

    1 september 2018 08:09 3088

    my 3rd task got rejected 4 times already... I have collected 199 Diamonds and the task requires 100 diamonds but still I got rejected...how funny is it!

    1 september 2018 16:44 3088

    i can't seem to upload my ss keep getting error message and ask me to refresh the webpage and try again which i had been repeatedly doing so

    2 september 2018 05:51 3088

    Is there no possible way to complete this task because I'd register on this game but not through gamehag.

    14 september 2018 04:46 3088

    Kira4, you absolutely have to click their link and create a new account. Only then will it count for any rewards.

    22 september 2018 08:20 3088

    i cant even upload my screenshot psshhh

    18 october 2018 18:45 3088

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