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    Assassins Creed IV

    one of the best assassins creed game

    28 february 2021 11:32 1625

    was never into this game until one day i realised that i completed the game and enjoyed it lol

    1 march 2021 22:04 1625

    this is my favorite game, i played it on xbox 360.
    though the ending kind of confused me
    sad that many cool characters died like blackbeard and jack kidd

    3 march 2021 11:06 1625

    I have played assassins creed 3 very recently and i was deciding if i should buy black flag.

    4 march 2021 04:56 1625

    game and you use this to adventure

    18 march 2021 12:33 1625

    tbh i really can't play games here and i'm just kind of a typing kinda kid y'know it's obvisious i like to give people accusation,advice,skills & help i love helping people and anyone needing help with question like math helping is the bets thing anyone can do and giving people anwsers and kind words it's not that bad that i'm just typing a lot it's not hard and i love telling people know about stuff too it's mostly more like posts and text and advice really but u gotta be prepared if u need any advice or even friend me i will be delighted to accept

    11 april 2021 23:45 1625

    Probably one the best pirate games the video game community will ever "sea", get it. All jokes aside one of my favorite games ever. The graphics still hold up pretty well to this day .

    18 april 2021 00:15 1625

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