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    Assassins Creed IV

    This is a brief description of the game Assassin's Creed Black Flag. This article will just show you the basics of this game and will explain some features of the game.

    What is it?

    Assassin Creed Black Flag IV is a game where you go into a VR-like system called the Animus and play out the story of a pirate. You have become a pirate due to lack of money. Due to this lack of money the characters wife left him, so he decided to become a pirate to gain money. In this story you need to take down other ships, raid islands and upgrade your tools and ship.

    Your ship

    You get yours near the start of the game and you use this to adventure and explore new islands. The ship can be upgraded at the captain’s cabin or the harbour. The upgrades include more cannons, more damage of cannons, mortars and customising the design of the ship. You need to loot ships for resources to get these upgrades.  Each ship must have a certain amount of crew members for the ship to work. These crew can be gotten from looting damaged ships, bribing them from the tavern or saving them for the templars.

    Your equipment

    Your character can also get upgrades. Examples of these are better swords or guns. To get these you need money (see section money). If you get better armour, then you gain more health bars. If you get a better sword you do more damage – same with the gun.


    To get money you can complete missions of pickpocket civilians. Missions can give you from 1000 to 5000 R however pickpocketing can only give you from 10 to 50 R. Chests are also hidden around each island that if you open will give you from 200 to 700 R. Money can be used for upgrades and sometimes missions requires money. Money is extremely important in this game


    Some islands have forts that you need to take down with your ship before entering the island. To take down the forts you need to destroy the towers on it with the weapons equipped on your ship. There can be from 2 to 10 towers on one fort. After taking down the towers with your ship you will need to enter the fort and kill a certain amount of people

    Looting ships

    To loot a ship, you must get the health of a ship down to red then board it or you can complete destroy the ship and dive down through the wreckage. If you are boarding the ship, then once boarded you will have to eliminate a certain amount of people and then the ship crew will surrender. This form of looting gives double the amount of resources than the other and gains you around 3 crew members. The other form of looting is taking down the ship and using a diving bell to get resources. This doesn’t give you many resources and no crew members.

    I hope you enjoyed this very brief introduction to Assassin’s Creed Black Flag IV. Have fun playing and good luck.

    21 august 2018 12:45 1625

    yeeet that ****

    5 august 2019 16:14 1625

    i am finnaly almost lvl 3 but i lost it and i try to get it again :D

    5 august 2019 16:46 1625

    This game was my favorite assassin's creeed, assassin's creed black flag... than there was assassins creed odesey

    6 august 2019 18:22 1625

    i am new here pls give me idea

    6 august 2019 19:40 1625

    Thanks you very good text

    7 august 2019 09:13 1625

    Nice review!
    It's a pretty good game and a must have for those that like action with a good storyline :D

    7 august 2019 09:28 1625

    how find sg fast i so angry about this

    8 august 2019 08:09 1625

    Thanks you very good

    8 august 2019 18:15 1625

    level up 2

    8 august 2019 18:15 1625

    good game. good text

    9 august 2019 00:00 1625

    Good fame ama

    9 august 2019 00:04 1625

    hello that is also a really good description

    9 august 2019 00:41 1625

    one of the best assassins creed game

    16 august 2019 01:02 1625

    How do i get lots of points?

    16 august 2019 01:05 1625

    AC4 is the best AC game, change my mind

    16 august 2019 04:44 1625

    good mue funcioni

    16 august 2019 18:15 1625

    This were my fav ac of all

    16 august 2019 19:28 1625

    hey wassup bois

    16 august 2019 19:41 1625

    i don't need to read this because i already know this but thanks for you help🤓

    17 august 2019 10:59 1625

    nice in the game for 2013

    17 august 2019 12:02 1625

    This game have good story

    17 august 2019 17:15 1625

    ❤ that game.

    17 august 2019 18:50 1625

    I love this game

    17 august 2019 19:55 1625

    One of my favourite games.

    17 august 2019 22:10 1625

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