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    What do you think about piano tiles :D

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    18 august 2018 12:46 2763

    I think its really good. It is a great time killer. Quite enjoyable to play when waiting in lines or waiting at hospitals or for cabs. Makes the time really fly and thats coming from someone so impatient time feels like a turtle.

    14 september 2018 07:29 2763

    love it i think its addictive it reminds me of the days i played tap tap haha

    12 december 2018 10:13 2763

    Its a good game and the music is nice and in general its awesome and FUN!!!

    16 december 2018 03:11 2763

    i know that it is old but is till like to play it

    14 january 2019 23:44 2763

    Its good but i wish there were more modes

    8 february 2019 23:31 2763

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