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    Are you just looking on Gamehag for other methods to get Soul Gems? Well Don't play the guessing game! I have played it and lost all of my Soul Gems, because the guessing game is actually a way for Gamehag to earn money back and not to give you more. If you still want to play it then quit after you have won all your money back or when you have earned more then when you started, because if you don't you will end up like me without any Soul Gems. So don't do it! Don't start playing the guessing game. I hope you've learning something from this and just one other thing: DON'T PLAY THE GUESSING GAME!

    16 august 2018 22:12 1628

    Yeah, i lost a lot too. And i played RNG games before. This one makes no sense.

    19 august 2018 09:20 1628

    NO, that's bullshit! I've earned 15400 SG from it, started only with 600! I've bought 2 Steam wallet codes easily. You just have to be really patient and smart, you can't relly on random betting!

    20 august 2018 03:28 1628

    i have bad pc and i cant dowload games to collect gems, so i started play quessing game and its really cool, i just watch with patient how it works and then i bet most of the times 500 gems , and i won , i recomend this method if only you are good on understanding who things works

    11 april 2019 18:50 1628

    What are the easy games? Games for older persons?

    11 april 2019 22:30 1628

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