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    We should take down adopt me

    there been multiple people scamming each other by saying trust trade and once they get the trade they leave. the adopt me server are getting way to big to the point where roblox has some issues with there server and operating it. each day a bunch of little kids get scammed out of there pets and they start crying.

    18 november 2020 04:54 2173

    hey do u like roblox? i do my favourite one is mad city u?

    18 november 2020 05:30 2173

    I agree, adopt me is getting really annoying and I even got hacked because of it!

    18 november 2020 05:49 2173

    babapro granıy

    18 november 2020 08:17 2173

    i agree to adopt me cause huge roblox lag

    18 november 2020 11:56 2173

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