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    lords mobile is a game that caught my attention for its game system and because in the tasks of gamehag I paid quite a lot of gems, so I decided to try it and to some extent I stay liking it for what I now play it from steam, for all those that they have completed the tasks and have not given them their gems is because they must wait 2 to 7 days to be credited.

    10 november 2020 13:42 2212

    oh ok... thanks i thought i got scammed lol

    11 september 2021 14:18 2212

    Thank you for informing

    11 september 2021 16:31 2212

    ohh okayyyy it's been like 3 hours and i thought i need to send screenshot's and stuff lol. thanks for informing hahaha, did y'all get your gems?

    15 september 2021 17:51 2212

    thanks for your info

    16 september 2021 12:01 2212

    let's hope that's true

    18 september 2021 07:38 2212

    I hope it’s the truth

    18 september 2021 11:57 2212

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