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    the challenges are easy

    The bad thing about this is that yt HATES this game so not allot of people wan't to play this. But yes the challenges are easy :)

    7 november 2020 13:31 7066

    Well thats good I still dont like the gameplay tho

    19 december 2020 17:22 7066


    19 december 2020 22:43 7066

    This game has been overhyped and advertised everywhere I go. To be honest, the game isn't really immersive, and I feel that it's overrated. Also, I don't see why I wouldn't download any other turn based rpg other than this one, since they're pretty much all the same anyways.

    24 december 2020 01:51 7066

    this is gonna I was. I’ll be there in a bit. I just want a little

    25 december 2020 20:42 7066

    yep this game isnt good but i like to play this for reason. and yes it is easy

    4 january 2021 06:35 7066

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