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    My opinion on ROBLOX

    note: I am not a 10 year old. I am 21 years old, but I really enjoy playing ROBLOX. Normally people of my age are doing CS GO, COD, or GTA. But I still play ROBLOX, people on discord say that I am acting like I'm 10 and stuff and I really don't like that. What is your opinion on playing ROBLOX at my age?

    7 october 2020 19:16 2173

    Well almost simillar age as you are. If you're really bored, then It's fun. But I still enjoy playing it too.

    7 october 2020 19:37 2173

    I like playing Roblox if i'm bored and I have nothing to play :P

    7 october 2020 23:16 2173

    welp im too very "old" to play roblox too, but i enjoy it nevertheless, more as a developer than just playing games :| . Also, Roblox is changing pretty fast right now, so it will be pretty common in the future to see older masses, for the Engine is getting better and so are the developers (take Room 2 and Mad City as examples)

    8 october 2020 05:29 2173

    I think it's a nice game to play alone, or with your friends. You can also make friends. It has it's ups and downs, but overall it's a nice game.

    8 october 2020 06:06 2173

    we're actually on same age and that not a reason that we should stop playing what we like, they are not the one should dictate what we should and should not to do in our life.JUST STAY WHAT YOU ARE BRO, THAT'S YOU LIFE 😊😉

    8 october 2020 07:14 2173

    im going to be a toad here in gamehag haha,welp,idk what will happen

    8 october 2020 07:16 2173

    yeah roblox is entartaining for almost any age and its a game where you can chill with your friends

    8 october 2020 07:36 2173

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