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    Ban tryhards from Fortnite!!!!!

    Reply to this thread if you want to see all tryhards in Fortnite banned! Getting killed by them has caused me severe physiological trauma and anxiety. This has only amplified my crippling addiction to buying V-bucks.

    24 july 2018 00:25 2830

    its a big promlem

    24 july 2018 16:03 2830

    I dont get you, I mean im not good at Fortnite but those "TRYHARDS" just played rhe game allot and trained building and aim so i dont see why they have to be banned

    24 july 2018 23:51 2830

    **** I love tryhards they are so dumb and have no idea they are ruining peoples fun

    29 july 2018 15:29 2830

    no.... .....

    31 july 2018 06:19 2830

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