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    I want to tell you my mainim and mistakes and the pluses U have 3 stacks very well and when every score gets an extra 1 stack there is not a big problem in terms of mobiles and then you can do something totally different with e skip then you have to change completely It is very dysfunctional in the battle, especially in the opponent's team, and if it can be easily removed in the team wars, it does not need a big change and since it is already weak in the first levels, the damage to the q must be high because it is very bad. all the damage is transferred to the q ability. I hope that the new future will be 'beautiful' and that the missing things will be removed and I leave the comment to you

    20 july 2018 01:33 77

    Professor Akali is already super hyped

    20 july 2018 13:04 77

    She is getting a buff for sure (my opinion)

    22 july 2018 00:12 77

    80% Ban on Akali or more for sure.

    24 july 2018 13:46 77

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