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    Where are the task- and "Play for free"-buttons?

    I've played "Vast Wars" since I joined gamehag four days ago and I've completed 2 of the tasks. Now when I want to report my completion of the 3rd task, all of the links have been removed. Is it common that links disappear on the game pages from time to time? I've already sent Misty a ticket about it, but I also want to ask the community if you've encountered something similar before.

    19 july 2018 00:04 2982

    Dw about it, tasks do appear and disappear, it is kind of annoying because i was also doing the ones on vast wars. They will come back at some point.

    19 july 2018 00:57 2982

    Thank you vaskosasuke. Were you also going to report the third task?

    You mention that tasks appear and disappear, it sounds like this is very common. Is it a bug or is gamehag updating the tasks in order to keep the gamehag-users playing the games?

    19 july 2018 01:41 2982

    I think it's common, i see players doing tasks of games but when i go to the games they have done i don't have the tasks and misty says they do disappear and appear for a reason. So i don't think it's a bug at all.

    19 july 2018 01:57 2982


    31 august 2019 15:46 2982

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