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    War Thunder

    (4.39/5) 13254 rates

    Play and get

    2500 5500
    Soul Gems

    For 4 tasks

    Register via the "PLAY FOR FREE" button, confirm your account in the email, and then Win 5 battles

    I Got Rejected

    I just got rejected for the fifth time on the game mission. And i think that gamehag is scamming the system. Cause I did the "win five battels" Took a screenshot on the hangar, got rejected. Then I tried to take a screenshot on my stats, ( I have over20 wins now) and still got rejected. And tried this over and over again, I just get rejected. So if there not giving me my reward, there just straight up scamming.

    21 september 2020 19:39 11

    Open a ticket. They rejected mine but I did a ticket and they gave me the gems

    15 october 2020 09:07 11

    same for me

    15 october 2020 09:55 11

    You will need to open a ticket, this has happend to me before

    15 october 2020 14:41 11

    did you send screenshot of the achievements for victory's

    22 october 2020 05:46 11

    hello guys my coment is pak u

    22 october 2020 06:03 11

    same for me

    22 october 2020 16:44 11

    I'm having the same problem. Got 5 wins, uploaded the screenshot, it is visible, username is the same and got rejected. Opened a ticked but in the end it says to make sure I've done everything right and upload a new screenshot. For those who opened a ticket and got the soul gems, could you tell us exactly what you've done?

    23 october 2020 13:21 11

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