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    Does anyone have a friend code for save the world? :) hmu

    I really want to play it, I gave my friend money to buy the founder edition but he did not give me a code :(, he gave it to some of his other friends. So if u want to play me or something or you have a code u want to share hit me up ;) thx.

    8 july 2018 00:51 2830

    u really think that somebody will give u a code like how dumb would that be.... its like giving away 40$

    8 july 2018 04:13 2830

    no since when you buy it u get a friend code or more
    lm ao

    8 july 2018 04:24 2830

    but still they could sell it duh..

    8 july 2018 04:59 2830

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