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    How can I start playing this game?

    I assume this screen wants a name but whatever I try the same errors pop up. It's infuriating!
    Here, screenshot:

    Direct link:

    Please advice!

    25 august 2020 22:07 7086

    I eventually figured out. It wants russian names with russian characters in it.

    I can't reach level 6 though. F2 gives missions. There are two there. One says whoever is not ready to meet you, follow instruction on your phone.

    The other one run out by now. The phone unlocked two more red arrow. One of that just gave some money the other one pointed to a prison complex with a locked gate. I went in anyway when another player come out but the red arrow dissappeared when I reached it, no mission. Then a guard shot me dead.

    Now there are no missions at all except the one which tell me "follow instruction on your phone." Phone has no more messages.

    I'm level 4 and there is no way to progress.

    The game is extremely outdated in all aspect. It seems it came out at the begining of the 90s. It also doesn't help that the devs didn't added any other language then russian.

    Overall I think this is a waste of time.

    26 august 2020 09:19 7086

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