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    What is your last played roblox game

    What is your last played roblox game? Mine is railway simulator

    25 august 2020 21:08 2173

    mine is my restaurant

    25 august 2020 21:10 2173


    26 august 2020 03:12 2173

    I last played Arsenal cause I link gun games

    26 august 2020 09:35 2173

    i played Dungeon Quest last cause its lots of fun

    29 august 2020 15:22 2173

    every day i play WORK AT A PIZZA PLACE and Legends of speed

    29 august 2020 15:49 2173

    roblox is my favorite

    29 august 2020 15:49 2173

    REMMASCTNOMAI Hello there, today I am going to tell you about Krunker.io and the basics of the game so you can learn how to play. I will be going over what classes are the best, and how to Slide-Hop which is a really important mechanic of the game, the controls and settings, how levels and KR works, and much more.

    1. The Controls/Settings
    The controls to play are the usual except instead of Shift to run and Ctrl to crouch, it is the other way around. You should also change your settings to these settings so you can have a better performance when playing the game.

    Go to Render and make sure your Frame Cap is set to 0 so that way it can go as high as it can. This is not only important for your game itself but also for Slide-Hopping because the higher the frames, the faster you can slide-hop after you learn how to do so. (The other settings are really just depending on how you want to play it.)


    2. The Classes
    In order to change your class you have to go to the Customize button on the right, then click where it says Triggerman at the Class section. The best classes to use are the Triggerman which is an Assault Rifle, the Hunter which is a Sniper, and Run N Gun which is a SMG. DO NOT USE VINCE BECAUSE SHOTGUN IS DOOKIE.


    3. Slide-Hopping
    Slide-hopping is when like bhopping. But, instead of jumping constantly and strafing to bhop. All you need to do in order to slide-hop is have good timing and know the pattern. The pattern to slide-hop is to jump then hold crouch while you are in the air until you hit the ground the let go and jump. All you have to do is repeat that and time it perfectly. Eventually you will get it and then you can start slide-hopping really fast.

    4. Levels and KR
    KR is the name of currency in this game, well actually it is short for Krunkies but everybody says KR. With KR you can buy Spins from the Shop (I recommend saving up your KR for the Heroic Spins). You earn KR for e

    29 august 2020 15:55 2173

    My last game played is Phantom Forces, It's a good game instead of trash ripoff arsenal

    29 august 2020 16:13 2173


    29 august 2020 16:13 2173

    Emergency response liberty county

    29 august 2020 16:59 2173

    lgbt hangout is trash
    I played Phantom Forces

    29 august 2020 17:04 2173

    Arsenal is what i play

    29 august 2020 22:35 2173

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