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    Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

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    CSGO cheats

    Did you start to encounter more cheats after the game was free?

    24 august 2020 21:27 808

    yes its nit new players playing free smurf cheaters and new players

    25 august 2020 21:46 808

    I think you mistook between pro players and cheaters. What cheat looks like ?

    26 august 2020 12:03 808

    No, I am a Prime user and I rarely meet Cheaters only you guys that use non-prime accounts and have BAD trust factor gets cheaters and or smurfs

    27 august 2020 12:07 808

    Most cheaters are not willing to pay money as they will probably get banned, therefore, once you acquire prime access you encounter less and less cheaters as they get banned before reaching prime themselves.

    27 august 2020 17:56 808

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