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    Unable to sign up

    when trying to sign up it refused to accept the captcha, even though the captcha said it was completed -.-

    30 june 2018 05:45 2188

    i had tried like 4 times and even did a hard refresh. i came back like 20 minutes later and used a link further down the page and it was happier then but that was really annoying

    30 june 2018 07:30 2188

    nice game guys

    30 june 2018 08:52 2188

    would I get credited if I have a different email on my steam account? Or is it possible to play it outside of steam?

    10 july 2018 17:49 2188

    Sheabf hshigah geh

    8 december 2018 12:42 2188

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