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    The next task will be available in...?

    I completed the first task and stopped playing to see what the next task would be. It says "the next task will be available in 1hr 26 minutes" but it has said this now for several hours. I know that the next task is likely to be win 10 battles but I don't want to keep playing until this is confirmed. Has anyone else had this issue?

    1 august 2020 22:31 8448

    that is wierd becuase I completed bothtasks and now it is saying the same thing for me for the 3rd task have you tried refreshing your page??

    2 august 2020 02:09 8448

    Beklemekte her zaman fayda vardır beklemek gerek bazen

    2 august 2020 02:09 8448

    It changed eventually. I got second task done now.

    2 august 2020 02:10 8448

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