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    Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

    (4.61/5) 1417 rates

    M4a4 or m4a1-s?

    Which one is better?

    16 june 2018 19:13 808

    Depends on a map

    17 june 2018 01:46 808

    I like to use m4a4 but both are good

    17 june 2018 03:41 808

    with m4a4 u can do spray control and isn t very good at distance
    with m4a1-s u can shoot from distance very easy and have perfect aim

    22 june 2018 13:49 808

    The m4a4 has 30 bullets in a clip which proves to be useful in a lot of situations, where as the m4a1 -s only has 20, so you are always reloading. That is my opinion but every once in a while i use the m4a1-s for fun

    23 june 2018 01:36 808

    M4a4 is good for me in every map but my fav is AWP

    23 june 2018 10:41 808

    It just depends on how good you shot, and also how big the map is, but that is my opinion.

    23 june 2018 23:49 808

    Both are very viable options, I find myself switching a lot between them. However right now I prefer the M4A4, as the 20 round magazine of the M4A1-S ran out on me a lot of times when fighting 2 or more enemies. (usually happens when the enemies go eco and all rush one bombsite) It seems most of the pro players prefer the M4A4 lately as well.

    25 june 2018 01:03 808

    m4a1-s just make them shots count ;)

    26 june 2018 08:57 808

    M4a4 More bullet

    26 june 2018 10:14 808

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