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    Roblox is cancer:DDD

    Is it cancer? Ofc it is

    14 june 2018 21:07 2173

    Is it really necessary to use the word 'cancer' to describe something? It's quite horrible, in my opinion.

    15 june 2018 09:30 2173

    only if you are a complete disrespectful moron

    15 june 2018 14:57 2173

    If you don't like it you don't need to tell the whole world, keep it to youself, like jesus christ.

    21 june 2018 05:00 2173

    At this point, i feel like the users are the ones who made the game ''cancerous'', speaking in your term, because the users are the ones who made the games, so if you find a game on roblox ''cancerous'', just dislike/thumbs down the game and never play it again, instead of calling the whole platform ''cancerous'' and insulting the people who indeed did work very hard for the games they created.

    2 march 2019 16:01 2173

    I wouldn't go as far as saying it's cancer but it is deadly in its own ways. It has taken a lot of my personal time which I would normally use for completing assighnments. The temptation is strong when it comes to this game and has distracted me from my priorities. I think by saying this game is cancer, it's just a metaphor in saying that the game isn't healthy, let's be real, sometimes it isn't

    14 march 2019 11:14 2173


    28 april 2019 16:27 2173

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