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    Who to contact when I'm not getting credited for anything?

    Support e-mail doesn't work, the bot is useless for my problem. I've completed Raid shadow legends like a week ago and constantly get rejected with your explanation that it isn't a new account or something like that which it is , I also used same nickname like in gamehag, it's my only account, never played the game , what's the problem here? I also completed two wall offers and none was credited . First was some interactive book and second one was for Lords mobile where I had to attack LVL 2 monster. Still didn't get anything . In that too my account was completely new , never played the game , everything by the book yet I'm still not getting credited with soulgems. What's the issue here?

    25 july 2020 20:16 1628

    I had the same issue with the interactive book but I never had any issue with any other of the tasks. Maybe try to contact the support again via this link: https://gamehag.com/contact

    25 july 2020 20:24 1628

    Thanks, I think I already tried there but didn't get an answer. We'll see.

    25 july 2020 21:02 1628

    my bot doesnt even accept message after selecting problem. can anyone help how to create a ticket

    26 july 2020 11:33 1628

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