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    Is the game actually good?

    I never played it. Is it really that cancerous?

    11 june 2018 17:39 2830

    good game jozzzz

    11 june 2018 23:08 2830


    12 june 2018 15:45 2830


    19 june 2018 03:45 2830

    It's pretty fun for a free game! I wouldn't say it's my absolute favorite game, but it can be kind of addicting lol. Not as bad as people say, it's just the usual "I hate this because it's popular!" Which is an argument that never really made sense in the first place.

    21 june 2018 00:19 2830

    Ya the game is great i play it every day when i get back home

    21 june 2018 01:51 2830

    Ok for a free game

    21 june 2018 02:43 2830

    Absolutely agree with booper. Seems like it's popular to hate on the game. A lot of people are so easily swayed by popular opinion and are unable to think for themselves. It's a bit sad. I think the game is fun, but there are some things that may or may not be frustrating to you, depending on personal preference:
    - Loot RNG. Some times you just get bad loot and you're screwed. Getting a shotgun in the beginning can be extremely important, depending on where you land.
    - The high importance of shields. These make it so you have up to double of max HP.
    - The game being in 3rd person perspective. For instance, some times your character gets in the way of what you're trying to see. In close combat, particularly inside a house, this gets problematic at times.
    - The low Field Of View (you can easily lose track of where your opponents are, especially in close combat, while moving around and building).

    22 june 2018 08:38 2830

    ahahah good thread discussion

    22 june 2018 11:22 2830

    Yes The game is acually very fun although when you start playing competativly you could start to rage a lot.

    22 june 2018 16:46 2830

    Yes really fun game

    23 june 2018 17:09 2830

    Nice game

    24 june 2018 08:05 2830

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