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    why players hate adopt me

    because players are hateing adopt me because many oders and hackers (mybe) and scammers and bullying

    9 july 2020 11:05 2173

    that players get scammed trade

    9 july 2020 12:30 2173

    because it made for kids and everything in it is stupid and, it broke the platform every time

    10 july 2020 10:08 2173

    Adopt me is basically cringe city. I honestly don't get how people playing that shitty game. I've played it once, and it was the worst experience of my life!

    10 july 2020 11:46 2173

    Ihate because is realy cringe the play scam game

    10 july 2020 12:09 2173

    most of the players love like shooting nd vibin kinda games more... adopt me is like.... uk.... roleplaying game.... nd nowadays ppl scam a LOT.
    plus ppl dont roleplay... i mean its quite rare

    10 july 2020 13:26 2173

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