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    Games worth playing + Opinions

    Give your opinions on what's good and bad, and maybe try a few new games after!

    8 july 2020 12:29 2173

    mm2 is my all time favorite.... its not laggy nd its fun to play.....

    8 july 2020 14:55 2173

    I would say u could try Boku No Roblox: Remastered. But ya might need help and some luck on your side lol

    8 july 2020 17:42 2173

    Boku No Hero is really good but its annoying for me to play

    8 july 2020 18:02 2173

    try strife, its an old game but a very fun one, it always gets 5-20 players everyday, everyone forgot about the game since civil war event

    8 july 2020 18:16 2173

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