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    No SG and problem with task/contract

    I have completed a contract for Lords Mobile game a while ago (if I remember correctly it was a contract at the time), when it offered 1080 points for completion. The task I then chose was the same as it is now as a task, to attack a lvl 2 monster. Is it that I can no longer complete the task since I completed the contract for it tho didn't receive SG? .. Also another poker game contract SG has been lost unfairly, but that was a while ago and I hoped the next one (Lords Mobile) I sweat for is not as buggy.. How can I finally get SG for the Lords Mobile contract/task?

    20 may 2018 18:47 2212

    same here i didn t receive SG for lords mobile task note its been more than 24 hours

    21 may 2018 02:42 2212

    Shame Misty does not reply as a user anymore and is a bot... so much fucked nonsense hours put into games... such is life so far... hoping someone from GH will reply tho so we can find resolve

    21 may 2018 03:39 2212

    I bet that my SG isn't going to come, yep, just as I knew.

    23 may 2018 01:14 2212

    Same here ,I downloaded the game with the app and i did the lvl7 and moster lvl 2 and nothing happenedsadas

    27 may 2018 17:56 2212

    lol..same s!$t i have my castle on level 9 and no SG😬

    27 may 2018 21:22 2212

    Same here

    11 june 2018 22:11 2212

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