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    Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

    (4.62/5) 1763 rates

    Is it worth opening the cases? What is the probability of getting good skins

    I have been thinking about whether to open the cases or not. Is it really worth investing 2 or 3 dollars in it?

    28 june 2020 14:42 808

    all the cases have very less chances of getting any good skins. just buy it from the cs store from this website .

    28 june 2020 14:48 808

    Its Noob But I Love GAME!

    30 june 2020 13:36 808

    I wouldnt recommend it. But most people open chests not becuase they want to earn more money but for fun. If you open chests dont expect something good. Even if its 100 cases

    30 june 2020 15:25 808

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