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    is this game just like league of legends?

    is this just like lol

    28 june 2020 04:15 4295

    I havent tried it out but I think I once saw a video add that showed the game play and it was straight copy from Lol/Dota gameplay. Also I think the logo is bit too close to copy League of Legends. I could also be wrong because I saw the add like 3 months ago but I have photographic memory so when ever I see a video I remember it.

    7 july 2020 15:45 4295

    yes, in a few gameplay it's just like an ordinary MOBA game. But generally, this game has different on controlling the heroes/champion. instead of using the PC "drag & click", this game using analog.

    11 july 2020 23:59 4295

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