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    why people play piggy

    idk lol its so boring game to me

    27 june 2020 21:20 2173

    piggy or bakon or some shet like that all of them are same and boring (not much tho)

    27 june 2020 23:47 2173

    To me that game is just a rip off of Peppa pig and granny it is good for others's not me

    28 june 2020 06:40 2173

    I hate granny cuz it's scary and the piggy is kinda the game of granny and it 's kinda fun I've never played horror escape games so I don't know it's fun but when I watched think noodles vids it told me to try it so i check it out and it's fun cuz it includes stories new characters , piggycharacters and multiplayer

    28 june 2020 07:01 2173

    I personally like the gameplay and the story, but there’s annoying kids who just glitch and ruin the game. They always vote the same map because its easy and it gets annoying.

    29 june 2020 13:32 2173

    People play Piggy as it is a good game and it has a good story! It is easily ruined.

    29 june 2020 14:09 2173

    people play piggy because they think its fun

    30 june 2020 17:22 2173

    bruh alright

    30 june 2020 17:54 2173

    I don't really like it. my friends play it though but I don't see any of the fun:/

    30 june 2020 17:56 2173

    cuz they can

    30 june 2020 18:09 2173

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