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    Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

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    Can you have skins and trade them without playing CS GO??

    Hi, i have i3 5005u and intel hd 5500 and 4 gb of ram and i cant play cs go but i love to have cs go skins and trade them. Is this possible??

    27 june 2020 00:02 808

    Well, yes. They do cost money on Community Market though.

    27 june 2020 00:34 808

    I dont see the point if you cant play but of course you can, they are just items on your steam inventory after all.

    27 june 2020 00:43 808

    you can buy them off the steam market and not have the game

    27 june 2020 03:35 808

    Yeah totally. I use dmarket at the moment and I dont think you really need to play the game. Just having a csgo account will sufice.

    27 june 2020 05:27 808

    Tnx guys :D, i play Pixel Strike 3D its awesome and we have skins :D

    27 june 2020 15:31 808

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