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    Hey guys. Played Naruto Online before?

    So I was wondering if you played this game before. If so, would you mind rating it over 10? Its a great Naruto based MMORPG which is totally amazing if you're a Naruto fan. Although my favorite character is Shisui and Minato, and they both are super OP in game. Try playing with me?

    23 june 2020 06:43 2158

    i am gonna try it tomorow xd

    12 july 2020 23:45 2158

    I played the Chinese naruto mobile .. by far that's probably the best mobile game for naruto i rate it 8/10 tho for 2 reasons...
    1 the game is in Chinese lol and you can't change the language at all.
    2 some tasks are hard because they're meant for online pvps and .. well most players are pros so you almost never get matched with someone of your level of playing.

    16 july 2020 07:26 2158

    lol i played a long time.

    20 july 2020 13:08 2158

    no but i wish to play

    10 august 2020 03:44 2158

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