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    How would you think if safe chat was here in 2020?

    Honestly, it would be chaos since we could say anything but what if Roblox wasn't a Kid's Platform? Well, it would be a lot of edgy teenagers around doing some erotic stuff and the game would've just been 13+ all along. On the other hand, safe chat would be a handy tool for situations meaning on arguments like "What happens if Adopt Me had to make Jeremy arrested?" or other stuff.

    20 june 2020 19:06 2173

    For me it is a very good option, so keeping people safe, younger children cannot learn trivialities or feel insecure by older people commenting on any triviality or vulgarity.

    21 june 2020 02:57 2173

    i wish thay put a seeting so that people that over 13 can see some of the tags

    21 june 2020 05:57 2173


    21 june 2020 11:13 2173

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