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    Leveling up and Daily login bonus

    Me as Gamehag user like to see better rewards for Leveling up and Daily login bonus.

    You know, after I reached level 3, there was no good reason to gain XP anymore. The amount of Soul Gems I get from this way is so low that we can consider it as nothing. So, I suggest to add better rewards instead of some SGs, some rewards like: Runes – Steam game key – Special level up chest and more…

    About the Daily login bonus, these kinds of rewards encourage users to check the site more often. Although they may not be so valuable, they can be cool surprises for the users to discover. So, I suggest to add this feature to Gamehag.

    Please like my comment if you agree with me and here is my made-up fantasy :)

    9 june 2020 23:25 8369

    yess this would be great! Theres one rune that does give a daily login bonus for soul games

    9 june 2020 23:27 8369

    I like that, i earn 1 SG from steam daily chests and thats it, the week roll login chest is also a garbage and i hate runes.

    9 june 2020 23:30 8369

    need more ways to get SG

    10 june 2020 04:14 8369

    you are right but still we need more ways to earn sg and the contracts should be fix ı did two contracts and didnt get any think

    10 june 2020 05:43 8369

    the only rune that is good is hagl rune bc u can get 100% more what you get in mingames

    10 june 2020 06:17 8369

    your right . but we also need to some task also to earn more soul gems

    10 june 2020 08:56 8369

    leveling up is hard

    10 june 2020 10:37 8369

    this is a very cool idea. it could help new people like me to level up more

    10 june 2020 10:41 8369

    Most likely these things will never gonna be implemented :/

    10 june 2020 12:27 8369

    thats a pretty good idea

    10 june 2020 16:32 8369

    Thank you all for your supports, I hope Gamehag team will add these features soon. By adding level-up rewards, users will be more active and always try to reach a higher level for better achievements. And in my opinion, the users who just passed some levels should see their unclaimed rewards in their inventory.

    12 june 2020 10:23 8369

    I really like those features. i think more people would come to the website more often if they added those features.

    14 june 2020 11:58 8369

    Completely agree with your idea.Hope they will think about it.Now I am level 8 and I don't even try to level up because it gives small amount of sg and it is hard to level up.But if they add it ,everyone will try hard to get xp.

    14 june 2020 21:52 8369

    need more ways to level up

    14 june 2020 22:43 8369

    when you level up, it slowly stacks up on how many soul gems you earn in each level like 30 on one level and 45 at the next

    15 june 2020 03:10 8369

    Great suggestion! Your suggestion has been noted and sent to the Gamehag Team for approval. Locking thread. 🔒

    15 june 2020 17:23 8369

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