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    Adopt me the game what is crashing roblox

    Adopt me crashed roblox 1 time when the got 1.6M players on same time

    29 may 2020 12:08 2173

    Yeah, it was because of the update that let you dress up your pet...

    29 may 2020 12:47 2173

    its good i like it

    29 may 2020 13:41 2173

    lol it crashed roblox and i couldn't use it

    29 may 2020 14:14 2173

    It not only crashed roblox it also messed up some saved datas on some games. Like A Bizarre Day. That time when adopt me got 1.6+M players it deleted some of the stands (something similar to power on other games) of players. I lost Retro Star Platinum because of it

    29 may 2020 18:18 2173

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