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    War Thunder

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    Do not download extra textures!

    The game starts nagging you to download a high res texture pack at some point. DON'T DO IT! I figured it would be a hundred MB or maybe a gig or two at most. IT'S 18GB! And it didn't even start downloading until after it did "analyzing files" for 30 minutes. I just wanted to play a couple matches today, but now I'm stuck downloading and there is no way to cancel the texture download once it starts. You can't play until it finishes. So I guess my afternoon is gone and I'll have to find something else to do.

    Ps. The game looks just fine without the high res textures. I never even noticed the difference.

    24 may 2020 23:49 11

    thanks for the information

    25 may 2020 00:00 11

    If you like the war gameplay, don't download extra texture

    25 may 2020 02:21 11

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