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    Shakes and Fidget

    (4.23/5) 1292 rates

    What's the highest level you can reach in this game?

    I reached level 57 and I wonder what's the maximum level.

    24 may 2020 10:11 18

    so.. i think to enjoy this game you should play pokemon first

    24 MARCH 2020 12:55

    Golden_AmirHDGolden_AmirHDGolden_AmirHD badge
    i love you pokemon i go the play pokemon go the roblox.XD I love Pokemon,I'm downloading the game,And i the Poke War game So much prob the best pokemon game of all time better than sword and shield

    26 MARCH 2020 17:29

    ghano_tonoghano_tonoghano_tono badge
    PokeWars is so go i love this game good job for creators

    27 MARCH 2020 21:21

    panggingskiepanggingskiepanggingskie badge
    hehe yah we love pokemon haha love you pokemon i go the play pokemon go the roblox.XD

    28 MARCH 2020 06:19

    GiaaaanGiaaaanGiaaaan badge
    Even after all these years, I still love to play csgo.

    5 FEBRUARY 2020 00:38

    ShanakaDShanakaDShanakaD badge
    played it long time. but pubg better than this

    5 FEBRUARY 2020 04:19

    ShanakaDShanakaDShanakaD badge
    how many skins do you have . i have lot of them

    5 FEBRUARY 2020 04:19

    santa94santa94santa94 badge
    must play free to play game on steam and you can earn money

    5 FEBRUARY 2020 05:09

    Candycane69Candycane69Candycane69 badge
    Halla Global offensive! it's the best FPS i've ever played so far now!

    5 FEBRUARY 2020 13:34

    kristijjaannkristijjaannkristijjaann badge
    I love the game because its so fun I like shooting games so Its the best

    5 FEBRUARY 2020 14:45


    RealJakeRealJakeRealJake badge
    This CSGO its Like Shooting RealLife and its Cool

    6 FEBRUARY 2020 03:20

    CLASSiC197CLASSiC197CLASSiC197 badge
    i really liked this game this game is my life

    6 FEBRUARY 2020 07:15

    doom_vickstar999doom_vickstar999doom_vickstar999 badge
    CS:GO is one of the best games I've ever played, very cool and strategic gameplay.

    6 FEBRUARY 2020 07:30

    mirza_pmirza_pmirza_p badge
    This is for sure best shooting game ever !

    6 FEBRUARY 2020 11:28

    Mahira454Mahira454Mahira454 badge
    This is not rly my type of game. I dont like shooter games, I more like relaxing video games......

    6 FEBRUARY 2020 12:11



    25 may 2020 12:13 18

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