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    problem with claiming a skin !!

    i have a problem with claiming a skin , they send me the trade offer but i was offline , and the trade declined reason "Items Now Unavailable For Trade" , and in the website they said the item has been sent to your steam account , they will send another trade or what? any help please...

    17 march 2018 17:37 1628

    contact misty

    18 march 2018 12:13 1628

    Scam? I hope it isn't. Write to Misty about your problem. Finger crossed.

    18 march 2018 13:00 1628

    can you help me here i dont find my problem...

    18 march 2018 17:55 1628

    Misty : Hi, how can I help you?

    Me : Yes

    Misty : Please, choose the category.

    Me : Prizes

    Misty : What's your problem?

    Me : The ordered prize did not arrive to my account.

    Misty : What is the content of the notification?
    *According to the notification it has been rejected.
    *According to the notification it has been refunded.
    *There is no notification.

    18 march 2018 17:59 1628

    my notification accepted but i dont receive my reward... there are no choice
    there are another way to contact misty with conversation or something?

    18 march 2018 18:00 1628

    Best way will be to choose anyone and then write over there, they have extremely limited options in such.

    18 march 2018 19:02 1628

    A tip from me: Click the CONTACT US and write your problem there. It will automatically create a support ticket. Hope this will help you! 🍀
    Scroll all the way down, you will see CONTACT US below the QUICK ACCESS.

    19 march 2018 13:27 1628

    ok this one is new for me , thanks you @MyStery24
    Ok i open 2 ticket (to increase chance for reply xD) one from Contact them , and the other one from reporting bug but the same subject (must using just one , i dont know )
    When they will reply? 72 hours or what?
    Thank you guys but still stuck... Best wishes

    20 march 2018 19:58 1628

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