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    Lords Mobile

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    Refused task ?

    Why my task been refused? I do it well and its been refused.

    21 february 2018 06:39 2212

    She’ll tell you to contact the support of lords mobile, since it’s an autoverified task

    25 february 2018 15:10 2212

    don't do the wall of terror tasks, that's a scam. If you opt to do this task, do the gamehag one, on the "games" tab, otherwise they can't control if you've done the task or not and you can't complain with them.

    16 may 2018 04:23 2212

    complete the task but nothing happened
    unknownname badgeunknownname avatar

    18 may 2018 15:36 2212

    Does this mean that it basicly doesnt work?

    19 may 2018 15:32 2212

    me i got the gems i dont know why you cant. You downloaded the game from the link they gave you?

    19 may 2018 19:21 2212

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