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    Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

    (4.62/5) 1813 rates

    ak-47 or m4 which weapon ? I need help

    Which of this should I prefer.I need yours help guys

    6 may 2020 23:14 808

    well, you will need to use both, as you cant use an AK-47 on the Counter-Terrorist side (unless you find one), or an M4 on Terrorist side (unless you again find one). but if you were to pick one, id says look at your own playstyle, your game feel, and select one. for me personally, sometimes I prefer the more fluid AK-47, which other days I love the stiffness of the M4

    7 may 2020 09:23 808

    with ak u make more damage but with m4 u can make a good spray

    7 may 2020 11:42 808

    AK-47 is a worse recoil pattern so harder to hit but 1 tap headshot potentioal]

    7 may 2020 11:54 808

    if u have a good recoil control ability u can use m4 bcoz it give godd or nice damage to the enemy...and if u are bad at recoil control use ak (1 taps) for instant headshot kill..🙃

    7 may 2020 13:09 808

    Both are nice m4 makes a good spray whereas due to AK47's bad recoil its harder to spray

    7 may 2020 13:10 808

    m4 is for CT and AK for T . for spray for long distance is M4A1-s for close range is m4a4 . for 1 tap on close (sptray too) is ak . so m4a1s is for long distance but its about youre play

    7 may 2020 14:22 808

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