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    Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

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    Worth it CSGO Skins on Gamehag

    Now, I know that CSGO Skins that are claimed and rewarded to you are given at a random quality so this affects both looks and value of the skin. What I wanted to ask is, Are there any skins worth it despite their price (Given that you'll get the least desirable quality). Take the AWP Asiimov for example, A very Liquid Skin, Very desirable, and only comes in 3 wears (instead of 5). Do you think there are other skins such as this one? Should I write an article about the best skins to get on gamehag based on further research?

    6 may 2020 18:49 808

    Funniest **** i've ever seen he actually turned himself into a pickle!

    6 may 2020 19:24 808

    yeah its pretty bad here ****

    7 may 2020 11:55 808

    You should use Lootbear. Its a very great app. :) https://app.lootbear.com/?dl=GHRaG5Md8K

    7 may 2020 11:57 808

    yeah.. @gamehag is a great site it gives free skins and gift cards and many more my friend got a dragon lore from this site..😅

    7 may 2020 13:07 808

    I don't think skins are worth it here, you will have to always expect the worst condition of a skin

    7 may 2020 16:38 808

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