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    Roblox, why is it hated?

    So, why do you think that Roblox is very hated? I think it is because of the community, graphics and updates. Firstly, community, admit it, it very cringy, so many edgy teens, 3 years old... Then graphics, personally, I do not hate it, but it is very boring to look at, and it sometimes ruins my experience, I do not see a reason why people hate it soo much, people like Minecraft, I do not see I the reason why they wouldn't like Roblox then. And last, updates, admit it, they are ruining the game with their stupid updates, removing tickets, events... Making it edgier, even if it is meant for 2-14 years old kids. And Robux is cannot kinda ruin the fun.

    6 may 2020 00:19 2173

    roblox is not hated i know some people hate but there a lot of people like its is not hated

    6 may 2020 01:37 2173

    because of robux

    6 may 2020 01:48 2173

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