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    Worst region

    tell me which region you think it's worst

    3 may 2020 19:35 77

    Asia is the worst speacially SEA servers

    4 may 2020 07:36 77

    In my opinion the worst region is turkey, people in challenger in there are like eune gold at best
    I have this information confirmed by many people I know who got their accounts transfered to this server when riot made it so moving to turkish servers will cost 1 RP

    4 may 2020 12:37 77

    Yeah in EUNE you'll probably see only Toxic Katarinas , Typical Yasuo Main and All sorts of mentaly disabled kids. I am silver 4 and I am losing every single game because top and mid are loseing theyr lanes.
    EUV is better.

    5 may 2020 01:14 77

    oce id say

    5 may 2020 06:33 77

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