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    I got 0 SG for playing minigames for 3 hours

    Is this broken? Doesn't work at all for me. I play the games, get the points, woosh. Nothing.

    24 january 2018 23:10 1628

    there are some requirements of each game to accomplish, maybe they request higher points or maybe they're bugged/broken, I played one mini game too but didn't get sg

    25 january 2018 06:08 1628

    contact support or writ misty

    25 january 2018 19:53 1628

    daily limit?

    26 january 2018 04:12 1628

    Doesent work for me

    2 february 2018 20:20 1628

    I envy your patience, how could you still play it for 3 hours?
    Alright, there is a daily limit and also you have to refresh the page after getting one gem if the game you mentioned above is Katana. I don't know about others but that's what I do because after getting the first gem I didn't get any gems even I continue to play.

    3 february 2018 17:32 1628

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