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    Minecraft Windows 10 Edition

    I like this game this ia best

    18 october 2020 10:29 1625

    that is free minecraft version just to try minecraft then if you like it you buyit lolz

    18 october 2020 14:19 1625

    this is the best game in the world ever made i love it i love the idea of you alomst make every thing you could imagine ,but only from blocks.

    20 october 2020 19:00 1625

    I really like this game pls pls pls can i have robux now this is getting annoying i swear to god this thing sucks but still just do what i m doing here and you will level up easily so yeah just type random things and you will level up i think no i don't think you actually will so whoever reading this comment. minecraft windows 10 edition is way different from the actual minecraft and in my opinion this version sucks ngl

    28 october 2020 20:56 1625

    idk why u goot banned guys but its not ok to got ban it meens you do someting incorect and pls give me a like to have 10 years off good luck , piesce😘

    4 november 2020 09:30 1625

    hi its better when you buy minecraft java edittion or just on console

    5 november 2020 15:25 1625

    I wish I could have create a group on gamehag but I don't have vip.but how come you guys have vip.lol I want to know .can Someone please tell me how to get vip please???? 🆎

    8 november 2020 21:41 1625

    I honestly like java more since it has mods, but bedrock isnt bad.

    16 november 2020 18:32 1625

    I think you are better of buying minecraft Java Edition

    16 november 2020 21:46 1625

    Everyday a magyar nyelv és irodalom szakos középiskolai tanár úrral nem tudom hogy mikor fogok majd a következő címre

    25 november 2020 10:17 1625

    Amm im kinda not getting the exp, what is going on ? Im confused, at first it gave me exp and now nothingg. I need to lvl up, but i cant, feels bad man :((

    7 december 2020 18:04 1625

    i love Minecraft i have it on my pc and my phone you need to try it

    8 december 2020 00:40 1625

    but i cant defeat the ender dragon plsss help me
    I need some tips and tricks

    11 january 2021 05:41 1625

    minecraft is best but i cant play it cuz i cant buy it and dont have enough soul gems

    14 january 2021 04:47 1625

    If you want to play Minecraft on PC, there is two versions: Java Edition and Windows 10 Edition.
    Windows 10 Edition can cross-play with the players on other platform.
    Java Edition can be modded.

    I like Java Edition as it can be modded and is updated frequently.

    22 january 2021 21:03 1625

    I'd honestly prefer the java edition. It's is much better because you can't join in servers which is the biggest disadvantage you have. Other than that the windows 10 edition is solid.

    15 february 2021 15:36 1625

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    16 february 2021 10:34 1625

    So which edition is played by most of the people? Also before windows 10 was released which version people were playing?

    17 february 2021 08:42 1625

    I have so many mods in Minecraft and they are cool.

    24 march 2021 09:12 1625

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