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    Minecraft Windows 10 Edition


    Mincraft Windows 10 is a port for XBOX. It has been developed my Mojang for exclusively for Windows 10 users. There is not a huge difference between the java edition and the windows 10 edition. The windows 10 players can play cross-platform with pocket edition players and players on XBOX. Players who owned Minecraft Java before October 2018 can minecraft java edition for free. The games are really similar to each other except the fact that minecraft windows 10 is only available to play on WIndows 10.

                                                                                Clear The Misunderstandings

    First thing I would really like to clear is that Minecraft Java players can not Cross-Play with windows 10 edition players. Both games have been differently programmed and there is not way to cross-play. Minecraft Java is written in Java while windows 10 is written in C++.
    Second thing is you need a microsoft account to play Minecraft windows 10 and it is a necessity.

                                                                                    Into the Game
    In Minecraft windows 10:

    1.You can play with your friends on Xbox 
    2.You can create Realms(Requires a subscription)
    3.You can play on LAN
    4.You can play with your friends on Mobile

    There are two game modes in minecraft


    As you see in the image above you can do anything you want in the creative mod as you already have all the materials and stuff that exist in minecraft. The mobs also do not attack you in creative mode.
    You can empower and implement all your imaginations in the creative mode and build whatever you want in the world of blocks.
    So what are you waiting. Start with your friends and create your own unique world.

    In survival Mode you start up with nothing and have to get all the resources from the start of the game yourself. You have to defeat the hostile mobs make up your destiny and find your way and build a base. You have a life bar and the food bar in survival mod.

    Villagers in Minecraft
    In minecraft you may always come up with in every world you create. So what do these villagers do and how they are useful for you?
    You can trade items with villagers and improve you trading skills and get the currency in minecraft(emeralds). Villagers are useful as you could buy and sell items from/to them.
    Try not to kill Villagers as they sometimes have an iron golem with them who is pretty strong and protect the villages with it's life.


    Mines in Minecraft

    You may come up with huge openings down the earth in minecraft they are really important in survival modes as you could get precious metals and stones within them. Try to be careful while wandering as these are home to the mobs in minecraft.

    The Nether World

    You can create a nether world portal using obsidian blocks. The nether world is an exciting place with very dangerous mobs and places.
    But if you want to create potions and stuff it's necessary to go and wander the nether world as that's the place where you could find all the ingredients and stuff.


    Both minecraft java and windows 10 are amazing games and one should buy it according to his needs.
    So that's it guys thank you for reading this now! Please upvote :)

    30 april 2020 06:22 1625

    Oh. Thank you very much.

    8 june 2020 11:28 1625

    i have always wanted top play this game but never did

    8 june 2020 15:01 1625

    Usseful for NEWBIES good tutorial

    8 june 2020 15:13 1625

    o mention the differences between the two. But that real time raytracing in the Windows 10 version is cool if you have the necessary GPU for that. You can try it o

    8 june 2020 16:39 1625

    i hate when im commenting cause it needs 40 letters bruh heelp

    2 august 2020 10:47 1625

    good commands and better than other edition

    9 august 2020 18:16 1625

    yh dis is ah cool game to play when u boerd no cap

    2 october 2020 00:49 1625

    its sO cool i think

    7 october 2020 18:04 1625

    i think java edition is better then win10 edition

    7 october 2020 18:17 1625

    yea that cool

    7 october 2020 18:42 1625

    Second thing is you need a microsoft account to play Minecraft windows 10 and it is a necessity.

    8 october 2020 07:57 1625

    I can't do that

    8 october 2020 09:15 1625

    Minecraft is the best open world game!

    8 october 2020 10:14 1625

    Thank you for this article. I love playing minecraft!

    8 october 2020 21:27 1625

    im excited for the cave update (am i out of topic)

    9 october 2020 07:14 1625

    The new caves and clifs update is amazing.

    9 october 2020 08:53 1625

    i just try to make level pls no rate me

    9 october 2020 11:31 1625

    and a lot of people play this gameSecond thing is you need a microsoft account to play Minecraft windows 10 and it is a necessity

    9 october 2020 11:31 1625

    hi im new so its long to play minecraft it takes 10 hours! when i joined there was two options 1.survival 2.creative these options are ur help if you comment you get.. an points u can try the boxes if you got minecraft for win 10 u are lucky!

    9 october 2020 14:40 1625

    if you can give me minecraft win 10 for free plzz send that link or your words on email:- [email protected]

    10 october 2020 12:29 1625

    me to i play on windows 10 pro

    11 october 2020 10:58 1625

    I've read that the Java Edition has more mods available, so that's another thing to consider when deciding which version to get.

    13 october 2020 03:04 1625

    hello people do you think minecraft is fun?

    13 october 2020 17:15 1625

    hi evreyone

    13 october 2020 17:23 1625

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